Working group to coordinate distribution infrastructure for new alternative transport fuels

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 23.5.2022 11.30
Press release
Charging of an electric car in Jyväskylä (Picture: Mika Pakarinen, Keksi / LVM)
Charging of an electric car in Jyväskylä (Picture: Mika Pakarinen, Keksi / LVM)

The Ministry of Transport and Communications has appointed a working group to enhance the development of the distribution infrastructure for new alternative transport fuels. The term of the working group runs from 20 May 2022 to 31 March 2023.

The distribution of new alternative fuels to replace fossil fuels plays a key role in enabling the green transition in transport. In order for households and businesses across Finland to switch over to electric and gas-fuelled transport, there must be an easily accessible public charging and refuelling network that covers the entire country.

- As the popularity of electric cars rises, the implementation of charging infrastructure will largely be market-driven, yet there are regional differences in the availability of charging and gas refuelling points as well as in the profitability of building these. The needs of delivery traffic and heavy goods transportation pose particular requirements on this infrastructure. Hydrogen is also among the fuels of the future and we should prepare for hydrogen refuelling needs as well, says Timo Harakka, Minister of Transport and Communications.

Cooperation needed to develop distribution infrastructure

The assessment memorandum on development of the electric car charging network prepared by the Ministry of Transport and Communications was circulated for comments 3-24 March 2022. A total of 53 comments were received. A summary of the comments as well as the comments in full have been made available to the public in the Government Project Window.

Many of the comments advocated continuing the current regulatory and support measures in order to develop the distribution infrastructure. There was also broad support for greater efforts towards targeted planning of the national charging and refuelling infrastructure.

- The distribution infrastructure is being developed by a number of diverse operators. We must together work on how to develop infrastructure that serves the needs of modern mobility, says Minister Harakka.

Cross-sectoral cooperation to develop distribution infrastructure

The working group is tasked with facilitating the development and planning of the distribution infrastructure through cross-sectoral cooperation. The group will assess the current status of the distribution infrastructure and the sufficiency of current measures as well as any need for new measures to accelerate the pace of development and to address any bottlenecks that hamper development. In addition, the working group will examine the development of smart systems and charging services as well as the potential these offer.

The working group will update the national programme for a distribution network for alternative transport fuels extending until the 2030s. The follow-up report on the status of Finland's charging infrastructure required under the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Directive (AFID) will also be prepared within the project. The working group will furthermore take into account in its work the updated Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation which as yet is under negotiation in the EU. The working group is chaired by Päivi Antikainen, Director of the Climate and Environment Unit at the Ministry of Transport and Communications, and its membership is drawn from among government, CSOs and research institutes. In its work, the group will hear extensively from experts and businesses.

The following are represented on the working group: Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland, ARA; Finnish Central Organisation for Motor Trades and Repairs (AKL); Association of Automobile Industry in Finland; Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK); Finnish Energy (ET); Energy Authority; Fintraffic; ITS Finland; Finnish Commerce Federation; Consumers' Union of Finland; Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom; Finnish Bus and Coach Association; LUT University; Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions (SAK); Finnish Petrol and Traffic Service Retailers' Organisation (SBL); Finnish Biocycle and Biogas Association; Finnish Transport and Logistics SKAL; Association of Finnish Municipalities; Suomen Taksiliitto; Sähköinen liikenne ry; VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland; Technology Industries of Finland; Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment; and Ministry of the Environment.

What next?

The working group will launch its work in May and elaborate on its agenda. The description of the current status of distribution infrastructure will be completed in early autumn and the national programme for the development of charging infrastructure in spring 2023.


Päivi Antikainen, Director of Unit, tel. +358 50 382 7101, paivi.antikainen(at)

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