Ministry of Transport and Communications to be a founding member of the international MyData Global association

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 15.11.2018 13.36
Press release

The Ministry of Transport and Communications is joining the international MyData Global association as a founding member.

The Ministry has been promoting cooperation and networking around personal data usage (MyData) in Finland for several years. Originating in Finland, the MyData movement has spread internationally via local hubs around the world.

The goal of the international association is to improve people's right to self-determination regarding their personal data and enable them to transfer their data from one company to another service provider. The association will work to ensure that the sharing of personal data is based on trust, confidence and a balanced and fair relationship between individuals and organisations.

"Our MyData work is taking a new step towards truly global development and influencing activities. The role of the Ministry as an initiator of the movement, together with Aalto University, will be expanded to include international cooperation in which public sector organisations form part of the community," says Minister Anne Berner

The MyData movement was born in Finland, and the international association is now organising its activities and expanding them into the rest of the world.

"By participating in international discussions and cooperation, we can advance citizens' rights to their own personal data and promote the emergence of responsible corporate practices concerning personal data," says Minister Berner.

In cooperation with Aalto University, the Ministry has been leading the MyData alliance, which functions as a national cooperation forum. The international association is being established as a result the work of local cooperation networks.

Use of data generates new business and leads to user-oriented and reliable services

The use of data is part of the creation of a growth environment for digital business, as outlined in the Government Programme The goal is to strengthen public trust in digital services.

The ministry is working to create the conditions for utilising data, particularly by removing legislative barriers and influencing international agreements.

MyData refers to human-centred ways to organise personal data. The movement aims to resolve the challenges of privacy protection by placing the individual at the centre of data management.

In practice, this means that an organisation collecting data provides the person in question with the data it has collected about them, or offers them a way to allow their data to be used by third parties.

This mode of operation gives the individual the opportunity to utilise the data collected about them, as well as to share, exchange or sell it for use by other services. This makes it possible to build more human-centred services and create new business opportunities.

What next?

The first general meeting of the association will be held in Barcelona on 15 November 2018.

The agenda for the meeting includes selecting the association's board and representatives of various bodies. The general meeting will also confirm the association's action plan and budget and decide on the membership fees for 2019.

Moving forward, the Ministry will participate in the activities of the association as a founding member. 

The association will offer a global platform for promoting the MyData movement. 

Its activities will include developing networks, conducting research, producing reports and implementing projects and services that support its purpose.

Taru Rastas, Senior Ministerial Adivser, tel. +358 295 34 2617