Preparedness matters at the Ministry

The Ministry of Transport and Communications guides the work within its administrative branch concerning disturbances and emergencies.

Under the Emergency Powers Act, the state authorities and agencies and municipalities must ensure that their duties be performed with the least amount of disruption also in emergency conditions. This is achieved through contingency plans and advance preparation of operations.

1. Ensuring uninterrupted transport operations

The Ministry of Transport and Communications ensures uninterrupted domestic and international transport operations. It maintains readiness to flexibly respond to disturbances and, if necessary, to make alternative arrangements. This involves redirecting resources in emergency conditions, guaranteeing the availability of necessary transport vehicles and equipment, protecting the transports as well as securing transport logistic chains.

2. Securing the electronic information and communication systems

The Ministry ensures that society’s vital functions relying on information and communications systems, such as communications networks and services, are not paralysed because of functional disruptions in the information and communications systems.