European Commission: Bothnian Corridor to be part of the European core network

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 20.10.2011 9.24
News item

On 19 October, the European Commission put forward its proposal for new guidelines for the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T). The proposal contains targets for developing the Trans-European Transport Network, the definition of the network, and a proposal for a new TEN-T. In the proposal, the TEN-T is divided into a 'comprehensive network' and a 'core network'. As for Finland, the former 'priority projects' - the Nordic Triangle, Motorways of the Sea and Rail Baltica and a new project, the Bothnian Corridor - are included in the core network.

On the Finnish side, the Bothnian Corridor, which skirts the Gulf of Bothnia, includes train and road links from north to south, including the main cross-country railway line and Highway 4.

The aim in new TEN-T policy is to try to give priority to projects that deliver European added value. In practice, this means that funding goes to projects that improve transport connections between more than one Member State, which are most productive relative to the investment made, and which support universal aims in transport policy, such as sustainable transport.

EU TEN-T aid will in future mainly be channelled into the core network. In recent years, Finland has received between 5% and 15% of the funding for TEN-T projects, depending on the project.

The proposal for guidelines will now go to the European Parliament and the Council for deliberation. Finland's position regarding the proposal is still being awaited.