Memorandum on alternative solutions concerning electric scooters and micromobility

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 2.3.2023 12.07
Press release
Bicycles and electric scooters in Helsinki. (Photo: LVM)
Bicycles and electric scooters in Helsinki. (Photo: LVM)

The Ministry of Transport and Communications invites comments on a memorandum concerning micromobility and the use of electric scooters. Comments can be submitted between 2 and 31 March 2023.

The memorandum, drawn up by the Ministry of Transport and Communications, explores the current state of micromobility and the related regulation and the challenges that have been identified, and presents alternative solutions to these. Micromobility comprises the use of regular bicycles and bicycles with electric motors and light electric vehicles such as electric scooters. The memorandum is part of the implementation of the Transport Safety Strategy, and the work on this is being done in the micromobility network.

Shared electric scooters and bicycles offer an easy, flexible and fast way to get from one place to another, which is why they have established their position as part of the transport services. However, because of the dangerous situations and accidents associated with electric scooters it was considered necessary to find and assess measures to prevent them.

Best outcome by taking several measures at same time

The Ministry of Transport and Communications considers that one of the greatest challenges related to micromobility is the harm caused by inappropriate parking. Another major challenge is riding a scooter intoxicated, which causes a major proportion of micromobility accidents. At the moment there is no alcohol limit for cycling or using electric scooters.

Micromobility and its safety can be influenced in a number of different ways. The Ministry of Transport and Communications considers that none of the alternatives is clearly better than the other; instead, the best outcome can be achieved by taking several measures at the same time.

The ministry lists the following measures as the most appropriate ones:

1) Parking electric scooters on pavements, cycling paths and off-road will be prohibited. Parking on carriageways and in specifically designated parking areas would be allowed.

2) Traffic regulations concerning electric scooters will be harmonised so that traffic regulations applicable to cycling will apply to all electric scooters.

3) New traffic control devices will be added to the act and the explanations of the present traffic control devices will be further specified.

4) Immediate moving of electric scooters that have been parked inappropriately on pavements and cycling paths will be allowed in all circumstances.

5) A blood alcohol limit of 0.5 mg/ml will be set for riding an electric scooter or bicycle. Sanctions will be imposed for non-compliance with the alcohol limit and the police will have the right to breathalyse the users of any vehicles or to use a quick drug test to establish intoxication.

Besides the legislative amendments, the measures of the Transport Safety Strategy concerning micromobility must be implemented. It is particularly important to communicate about any new traffic regulations concerning micromobility.

In addition to the solutions proposed by the ministry, the means assessed in the memorandum include traffic education, awareness campaigns and communication, and regulation of authorisations.

What's next?

The deadline for comments on the memorandum is 31 March 2023. All organisations and private individuals may submit comments at

After the consultation process, the preparations will continue by public officials as part of their regular duties.


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