Government resolution on road safety looks into the future

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 15.12.2016 14.32
News item
Traffic sign (Photo: Rodeo)
Traffic sign (Photo: Rodeo)

A recent government resolution outlines measures that will promote road safety related to drivers, vehicles and roads alike. The resolution creates preconditions for increasing automation and the use of digital data in transport.

The long-term vision of the resolution is that no-one would be killed or seriously injured on the road.

- The goal of the road safety vision is challenging but achievable. In addition to serving as a policy paper on the development of road transport legislation and safety work, the resolution will also lend important support to promoting digitalisation and automation in transport, said Ms Anne Berner, Minister of Transport and Communications, describing the government resolution

The resolution consists of seven themes that have an impact on road safety. They include clearer rules of the road, more efficient traffic control, increasing the number of safer vehicles and preparing the ground for automatic transport, securing the safety of the road network, reforming the driving instruction and driving test system as well as reducing drink driving and other factors affecting driving ability.

The resolution on road safety was approved by the Government on 15 December 2016.