Decrees that will supplement legislation on lightweight cars submitted for statements

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 3.5.2019 13.27
Press release
Cars (Photo: Shutterstock)
Cars (Photo: Shutterstock)

The Ministry of Transport and Communications is requesting statements on the drafts of Government Decrees concerning lightweight cars.

It is proposing that provisions on markings to driving licences concerning lightweight cars and the vehicle used during a driving test be added to the Decree on driving licences. 

It is also proposing that the so-called automatic transmission requirement be eliminated completely for the AM driver's licence category. The EU Directive on driving licences does not require that this category has a requirement for automatic transmission.

This will mean that no requirement for automatic transmission will be marked on this licence, even when a person completes a driving test in a lightweight car, moped car or T3b category tractor with automatic transmission.

Currently, the holder of an AM 121 category driving licence can drive a light quadricycle (moped car or ATV) or a T3b category tractor.  From the beginning of November licence holders will be permitted to drive lightweight cars.

The Decree on the Use of Vehicles on the Road would be amended so that the maximum permitted speed for lightweight cars on road would be 60 kilometres per hour in accordance with the law previously approved by Parliament. The decree would also include the provision that lightweight cars must be marked with a slow vehicle symbol.

The same loading and passenger transport provisions would apply to lightweight cars as do to other passenger cars. The same provisions concerning winter and studded tyres would also apply to lightweight cars as do to other passenger cars.

However, the provisions on attaching of towed vehicles to lightweight cars will be the same as for light quadricycles.

The Decree on mandatory periodic inspections for vehicles would be amended so the inspection requirements for lightweight cars would be the same as for other passenger cars.

What is a lightweight car?

Lightweight cars are T1 category vehicles, which have been altered from M1 category vehicles that were taken into use no earlier than in 2015, in other words they are passenger cars.

A lightweight car's maximum structural speed has been limited to 60 kilometres per hour, and its mass when in driving condition can be at most 1,500 kg or at most 1,800 kg if the vehicle's only power source is electricity.

According to the Driving Licences Act, the holder of an AM category licence, a so-called moped licence, will have the right to drive a lightweight car.  The minimum age for attaining an AM category licence is 15.

What next?

The statement period for the bill will end on 20 June 2019. Statements may be submitted by all organisations and citizens at After the round of statements, preparation of the law by public officials will continue.


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