Transport sector prepares for Brexit

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 25.2.2019 16.23
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Picture: Shutterstock

The withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union would impact the transport services provided to people and businesses. The single most important question in the transport sector is air transport.

Finland and the EU are aiming to ratify an agreement by 30 March 2019 that would ensure an orderly withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union. For the EU, the withdrawal agreement is the best attainable compromise and the only way to ensure an orderly withdrawal of the UK from the Union. 

If the agreement is not rafitied, the withdrawal will happen without an agreement. Then the Treaties of the European Union and EU legislation will immediately cease to apply to the United Kingdom. The European Commission has issued several legislative proposals, communications and notices on Brexit preparedness.

Aim is to ensure air transport connectivity

The aim is to ensure direct flight connections between the United Kingdom and the EU, even if the UK withdrew from the EU without an agreement.  The European Commission has issued a legislative proposal on air transport in view of Brexit preparedness. By virtue of the proposal, the EU would unilaterally allow flights for a maximum fixed period of one year, provided that the UK reciprocally accepted that.

Despite the preparations by the EU, no-deal Brexit might affect the fluency of air transport services, especially the connecting flights via the United Kingdom. The current route selection and the number of route alternatives could reduce. Brexit has no impact on flight safety.

Temporary arrangement to road freight transport 

In case of a no-deal Brexit, road freight transport between the UK and EU would be based on temporary arrangements. The European Commission has issued a regulation proposal that would ensure bilateral carriage until the end of 2019 by means of the current EU legislation. There have also been discussions on including bus and coach transport services in the regulation. A no-deal Brexit would probably increase the processing times at the customs services. 

More instructions addressed to people and businesses about the effects of Brexit on transport and communications services is available on the website of Traficom and the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority.


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