The Ministry of Transport and Communications’ draft budget totals EUR 2,291.3 million

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 31.7.2009 13.17
Press release

The draft budget for the administrative sector of the Ministry of Transport and Communications totals EUR 2,291.3 million (EUR 1,929.8 million excluding VAT).

The Ministry proposes that a 15 km bypass road be constructed for E18 in Hamina, and the 17 km motor-traffic way between Koskenkylä and Loviisa be changed into a motorway. A 39 km motorway is suggested to be constructed between Loviisa and Kotka.

The construction for extending the Helsinki metro line to the west will start in 2010. In 2011-2015 the government will contribute EUR 200 million at the most, to the metro construction. The project will incur no costs to the government in 2010.

The Ministry proposes EUR 533 million for road management appropriations, of which EUR 227 million would be invested in maintaining the road network. The proposed appropriations aim at maintaining the current level of the main roads and other busy roads. An appropriation of EUR 23 million is proposed for maintaining and improving private roads.

The Ministry proposes that EUR 299 million be allocated for rail infrastructure management and EUR 63 million for waterway management.

A total of EUR 65.7 million would be allocated for purchasing and developing public transport services. The appropriation for purchasing regional and local transport services by buses and taxis is suggested to be EUR 42.8 million.

It is proposed that public transport services in big cities be supported by EUR 7.5 million. The purpose of the aid is to improve the service level and increase the use of public transport services in Helsinki, Tampere and Turku.

The Ministry proposes that EUR 31.4 million be used for purchasing long-distance rail services. A total of EUR 1.0 million is suggested to be allocated for national air traffic services.
Altogether EUR 95.7 million is proposed to be allocated for improving the competitiveness of maritime transport. Subsidies would be granted for compensating staff wage withholdings, employer's contributions and insurance payments.
In the beginning of 2010 new agencies within transport administration, Transport Infrastructure Agency and Transport Safety Agency, will start operation. The Transport Infrastructure Agency will be responsible for the infrastructure operations of the Rail Administration, Road Administration and Maritime Administration, whereas the safety operations of the Vehicle Administration, Civil Aviation Administration, Rail Agency and Maritime Administration will be transferred to the Transport Safety Agency.

Ferry traffic services provided by the Maritime Administration and the Road Administration will be transferred to the Centres for Business and Industry, Transport and the Environment from the beginning of 2010. The Centres will also take over the responsibilities of the transport departments at the State Provincial Offices as of 2010.

Duties related to the internal production at the Maritime Administration will be separated into a state-owned company from the beginning of 2010. The Finnish Civil Aviation Administration, Finavia, the Shipping Enterprise, Finstaship, and the State Pilotage Enterprise, Finnpilot, will also become state-owned companies as of 2010. The purpose of the incorporation process is to meet the requirements of the common market. Responsibility for corporate governance of these companies will continue to rest with the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

The Ministry proposes that the appropriations to be allocated for communications would be 24.3 million. This includes a EUR 15 million subsidy to telecommunications operators for constructing high-speed broadband networks in areas where the construction is not commercially viable.

During the budget year a National Communications Security Authority (NCSA) will be established in connection with the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority. The appropriation for 2010 is proposed to be EUR 0.7 million.

The Ministry proposes that EUR 1.0 million be allocated for the operational expenses of the Finnish Meteorological Institute. That would be the Ministry's contribution to the financing of the ICOS project. ICOS, Integrated Carbon Observation System, is a new research infrastructure for monitoring green house gas fluxes and understanding their effects. It is Finland's aim that the ICOS headquarters be established in Finland.

Further information:

Mr Kari Jääskeläinen, Special Adviser to the Minister of Transport, tel. +358 9 160 28325 or +358 44 058 1030 (transport)
Mr Sami Paatero, Special Adviser to the Minister of Communications, tel. +358 9 160 28324 (communications)
Mr Juhani Tervala, Director-General, Transport Policy Department, tel. +358 9 160 28482, +358 50 552 7260 (transport)
Ms Liisa Ero, Director-General, tel. +358 9 160 28461, +358 50 555 0072 (communications)
Ms Jaana Kuusisto, Director of Finance, tel. +358 9 160 28706, +358 40 837 8839 (transport and communications)