The European Commission to tighten vehicle inspections

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 23.8.2012 13.24
Press release

The European Commission has issued a proposal that includes tightening to the periodical vehicle inspections and roadside inspections in the EU area. In addition to improving traffic safety and reducing environmental impacts, the goal is to standardise the inspection procedures and standards in different member states. According to assessments, technical faults in vehicles are a major cause of accidents in the EU area.

On Thursday 23 August, the Government issued a communication to the Parliament on the proposal of the European Commission.

Insofar as they are cost-effective, the Government takes a positive attitude towards the general goals of the Commission's proposal. However, the Government finds it important to maintain national room for manoeuvre. There should be the possibility to implement the inspections, while catering for national special features that, in Finland in particular, include wide geographical size and the seasonal nature of the traffic.

The Commission's proposal includes regulation proposals regarding periodic inspections of vehicles and technical roadside inspections, in addition to an amendment proposal regarding a directive on vehicle registration documents.

The European Commission would expand the mandatory periodic inspections to apply also to all vehicles in the L class, such as mopeds, motor cycles and moped cars as well as tractors travelling over 40 km/h. In addition, manipulation of the vehicle odometer reading would be required to be punishable.

Roadside inspections would be performed on certain buses, vans, lorries and trailers. In addition, fastenings of the transported cargo would be inspected in the roadside inspections. Member states would be required to have an electronic vehicle register that should also include information regarding the inspection.

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