Safety of ships carrying industrial personnel to be improved

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 7.9.2023 13.47 | Published in English on 7.9.2023 at 16.58
Press release
Cargo ships at Vuosaari harbour (Photo: Mika Pakarinen, Keksi)

On 7 September 2023, the Government issued a proposal to Parliament for adopting an international code of safety for ships carrying industrial personnel. The proposal included its enforcement as well as the implementation of the amended directive on stability requirements. 

The IMO International Code of Safety for Ships Carrying Industrial Personnel, the so-called IP code adopted in 2022, plays a key role in maritime operations within the industrial offshore sector requiring skilled personnel.

The aim of the code is to create appropriate technological safety standards for ships that carry industrial personnel taking the specific risks related to personnel transfer operations into consideration. Industrial personnel refers to people transported or accommodated aboard a ship for the pur-pose of offshore industrial activities performed on board other ships or offshore facilities.

It is also proposed that the requirements of the amended directive on stability be transposed into national legislation. The directive lays down provisions on specific harmonised stability requirements for ro-ro passenger ships, i.e. car/passenger ferries. The requirements improve the survivability of damaged vessels and provide a high level of safety for both passengers and the crew.

At national level, the proposed amendments are estimated to have a minor impact. The provisions on ro-ro passenger ships are expected to enter into force on 5 December 2024 and the other provisions on 1 July 2024.

Next steps

A referral debate will be held on the proposal now submitted by the Government to Parliament. The timetable for the debate will be listed on Parliament’s website (upcoming plenary sessions). After the referral debate, the proposal will be taken to a Parliamentary Committee. Once the Committee’s report is ready, the matter will be discussed in a plenary session.


Katja Viertävä, Senior Government Adviser, tel. +358 295 488 323, [email protected]