Request for comments: review of 2G network licence terms

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 31.5.2023 11.16 | Published in English on 31.5.2023 at 14.54
Press release
Etualalla tietoliikennemasto vihreän metsän keskellä. Taustalla järvimaisema ja taivasta.
Tietoliikennemasto järvimaisemassa Parikkalassa (Kuva: Markus Pentikäinen, Keksi/LVM)

The Ministry of Transport and Communications requests comments on matters to be considered in the review of the licence terms for 2G networks. It is an interim review assessing the need to amend the licence terms. 

In particular, the Ministry asks for views on whether the licence terms should continue to oblige businesses to maintain 2G technology in their mobile networks. Currently, the licences require that voice and data services in 2G network cover 99 per cent of the population in mainland Finland. The licences have been granted to DNA Plc, Elisa Corporation and Telia Finland Oyj for the 900 and 1800 MHz frequency bands.

The amount of data circulating in 2G network is relativity small. However, the current number of meters and control devices in 2G network that are related to electrical and water networks, for example, is very high. In addition, they have a long lifecycle and are still put into service.

The 2G network is used by the emergency call system eCall, which under EU regulation can only utilise 2G and 3G networks. The system has been mandatory in all new cars since 2018.

Next steps

The deadline for comments is 31 July 2023. All organisations and private individuals may submit comments online at After the consultation round, the legislative drafting will continue at the Ministry.


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