Regulations for electronic communications to be gathered in one location

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 6.9.2011 10.10
Press release

Work will begin in accordance with the Government Programme to gather legislation pertaining to electronic communications and the provision of information society services into one place.

The purpose is to eliminate overlapping and to clarify and update the content of the regulations.

"Approximately ten acts will be consolidated to form an information society code. In part, this work will consist of technical transferring of sections and subsections. However, the most important objective is to ensure functional communications markets," Krista Kiuru, Finland's Minister of Housing and Communications stated.

Work on the information society code began on 6 September at a seminar for interest groups. The law reform will take several years to complete.

According to Ms Kiuru, present regulations are fragmented and there are many of them. In addition to this, not all the regulations are up-to-date.

In addition to clarification of legislation, the main themes for preparation of the information society code include a reform of mobile operator licences and review of regulations concerning operator obligations and consumer protection.

The project is being realised openly and in close interaction with interest groups. At the early stages of this work a broad ranging monitoring group will be established, the members of which will be representatives of interest groups. Interest groups include telecommunications companies, media industry companies, different kinds of organisations and trade unions.

Minister Kiuru believes that it is essential the industry takes an active role in the project. The best expertise in key questions concerning electronic communications comes from within the field.

"The information society code covers an estimated ten acts and over 400 sections. Realisation of the reform will not be possible if the industry does not take an active part in the process," Ms Kiuru emphasises.

Further information
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