Parking discs to be freed from regulation as of the beginning of December

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 9.11.2015 15.24
Press release

As of 1 December 2015 the definition of the external shape of a parking disc will become less restrictive. A Ministry of Transport and Communications decree defines a parking disc as a device showing the time a vehicle is parked.

The new decree does not set any strict requirements for the size or colour of the disc, for example, but the most important feature in the design is that the arrival time is easy to read. The decree is an example of deregulation, which is one of Government key projects.

In future, the parking disc may be a conventional disc or a technical device. Pieces of paper or card with the arrival time written or drawn on them are not allowed.

The arrival time may also be displayed through an electronic, remote parking disc service or system. Their use has to established in the municipality; information about approved practices is available on each municipality's website. The system or service may be a mobile phone application, for example.

So far the disc has been set to show the time of arrival on the hour or on the half hour, depending which is closer. According to the new decree it is possible to mark the exact time at which the vehicle is parked. However, regardless of how the time is marked, the parking time will start on the hour or on the half hour following the arrival time, like today.

The parking disc has to be visibly displayed inside the windscreen so that the time the vehicle was parked can be easily read.

Mr Kalle Toivonen, Coordinator, tel. +358 295 34 2591