Operational programme on satellite navigation published

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 18.12.2017 12.00
News item

The Ministry of Transport and Communications has published an operational programme on satellite navigation. The programme describes the current state of satellite navigation systems and how they are deployed in different sectors of society, especially in automated transport.

The operational programme proposes 17 concrete measures to make Finland one of the top countries in the world in the deployment of satellite navigation systems. Already for a long time, Finnish know-how has been part of different kinds of space and satellite projects and applications.

The programme aims to promote the harnessing of satellite data in business activities and service provision, ensure the quality of satellite positioning and the deployment of satellite navigation systems in the Arctic regions, and promote the deployment of small satellites.

The importance of positioning will grow in the future as digitalisation of transport and transport systems continues. In the transport sector, the main common denominator is specific location data. It is needed in transport and road planning, infrastructure construction, maintenance and transport management.

Transport automation, in particular, calls for specific location data. Vehicles are connected to each other and the surrounding infrastructure creating a networked, interactive and real-time intelligent transport system in which specific location data is a basic requirement for the operation and safety of the system. Examples of transport automation can already be seen especially in air and maritime transport.

The programme also discusses the current system of space administration in Finland and its pressures for change. A suggestion is made to find out whether there is a need or possibility for Finland to establish a centralised space administration.