New national Act on the Distribution of Alternative Fuels for Transport complements EU legislation

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 4.7.2024 13.37 | Published in English on 4.7.2024 at 14.02
Press release
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The Government proposes that the President of the Republic approve the new Act on the Distribution of Alternative Fuels for Transport and that the Act enter into force on 15 July 2024.

The Government also proposes that the President approve the amendments to the Act on Equipping Buildings with Electric Vehicle Charging Points and Charging Point Capabilities and Automation and Control Systems and to the Act on Environmental and Energy Efficiency Requirements for Vehicle and Transport Service Procurements. The amendments will update the references to the new EU Regulation on the Deployment of Alternative Fuels Infrastructure, AFIR.

The legislative proposal is based on AFIR, which calls for additional national regulation. The Regulation is part of the so-called Fit for 55 Package issued by the European Commission on 14 July 2021. It became applicable as of 13 April 2024.

The purpose of AFIR is to ensure that there is a sufficiently dense and extensive alternative fuels infrastructure for transport, which is interoperable within the EU. AFIR also aims to ensure that users have access to comprehensive information and user-friendly payment options.

AFIR repeals the current Directive on the deployment of alternative fuels infrastructure, which has been nationally implemented by the Act on the Distribution of Alternative Fuels for Transport. The new act repeals the current distribution Act.

New act to include provisions on the supervisory authority and sanctions

The new act is aimed at ensuring the effective national implementation of AFIR and bringing the national legal situation into line with EU legislation.

The act lays down provisions on a national authority supervising the requirements of AFIR and on possible administrative sanctions. Compliance with the obligations of AFIR and the new act is supervised by the Transport and Communications Agency Traficom.

The supervision and possible sanctions apply to user-friendliness and technology of publicly accessible recharging and hydrogen refuelling infrastructure, such as one-off charging, payment terminals, automatic identification, digital interfaces, smart recharging, pricing, price indication as well as information provided to users.

Next steps

The President of the Republic is to approve the bill on Friday 5 July 2024. The legislative amendments will enter into force on 15 July 2024.


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