National Transport System Plan well established as practice, funding still a challenge

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 14.10.2022 13.42
Press release
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Photo: Shutterstock

The first National Transport System Plan, Transport 12, covers the years 2021 to 2032. The Ministry of Transport and Communications monitors the progress of the measures included in the Transport 12 plan on an annual basis. The second summary report on this was published on 13 October 2022.

The report analyses the funding of the transport system and the progress made in the measures concerning the different sub-sectors of the transport system. The plan is implemented by many different stakeholders, but the summary report mainly covers the progress of measures taken by the central government. The progress of measures taken by municipalities will be discussed in the regions during the autumn.

According to the summary report, the Transport 12 plan has become an established practice and the operations are guided by the objectives of the plan in the whole administrative branch of the Ministry of Transport and Communications. The Finnish Transport and Communications Agency updates the analysis of the transport systems on an annual basis, and this is being used to support decision-making. Based on the analysis, the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency draws up a basic plan, planning programme and investment plan for infrastructure maintenance every year. Harmonised methods for impact assessment have been developed for the whole administrative branch.

The implementation of the plan depends a great deal on the State funding targeted to the development of the transport system. The General Government Fiscal Plan decided in spring 2022 and the draft budget for 2023 do not contain appropriations envisaged in the plan that would enable the full implementation of the plan. For example, sufficient funding has not been allocated to reach the objectives for the development of the transport infrastructure. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, however, more funding than envisaged in the plan has been allocated to supporting public transport.

The dramatic changes in the world situation and rising costs will have significant impacts on the implementation of the Transport 12 plan as well. The funding of basic transport infrastructure maintenance is at a level stated in the plan but, due to the decrease in purchasing power, all measures concerning e.g. infrastructure improvement have not been taken as funding is needed for the day-to-day maintenance and use.

Measures that do not require funding are progressing as planned.

The Ministry of Transport and Communication is already making preparations for drawing up the next National Transport System Plan. Besides improving the knowledge base, the process to prepare the plan and its interfaces with regional transport infrastructure work and other Government activities are also being developed.


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