Minister Berner: Requirements to obtain driving licence to be revised

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 13.7.2016 12.00
Press release

The requirements to obtain a driving licence will be revised. The aim is to reduce regulation and enable alternative methods of driver education. The aim is also to reduce driving licence expenses. The proposed legislative amendments would support the Government's deregulation objectives.

- Finland's strict regulation on driver education has become an obstacle for the introduction of new training and learning methods. The legislative reform will provide means for tailored training, access to information and use of digitalisation, says Minister of Transport and Communications Anne Berner.

In 2014, a working group on the development of driver and professional driver competence requirements, appointed by the Ministry of Transport and Communications, proposed measures with which to reduce driving licence expenses and update training methods. The working group proposed changes to the obligatory aspects of driver education as regards the lower driving licence categories and to the multi-stage process for obtaining a driving licence for a car. The current legislative process will re-examine the need for reforms.

- The average price of a B category driving licence in Finland is approximately EUR 2,000. With the reform, the objective is to provide more alternative ways of obtaining a driving licence. A driving test and a theory test would remain in any case but flexibility will be sought to training and learning methods to replace obligatory classroom teaching, says Berner.

Current legislation does not allow to make use of the opportunities provided by digitalisation.

The legislative project will be launched in August and a related government proposal is to be submitted to Parliament in autumn 2017. The preparation process will be transparent and take place in close interaction with stakeholders.


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