Minister Berner: Focus on data quality and availability

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 14.1.2016 14.46
News item

"Utilisation of data is a way to deliver added value to society so we must ensure its availability and requirements for use in the long run," said Ms Anne Berner, Finnish Minister of Transport and Communications, at a discussion session arranged by the Ministry of Transport and Communications on data protection regulation and information utilisation.

The EU Data Protection Regulation was adopted in December 2015. It entails a requirement for a high level of data protection and a more harmonised data protection legislation throughout the EU.

The Ministry of Transport and Communications and the Finnish businesses launched an open discussion forum on how to prepare for the entry into force of the Regulation and on the opportunities it will provide for digital business.

"A Government key project that aims at creating a favourable growth environment for digital business also discusses opportunities and how to seize them," said Minister Berner in her opening words at the session. She is very pleased that the work is well underway:

"For example in terms of mass data we are making a legal analysis and drawing up strategic guidelines together with the sector. I hope that data-based business solutions and services would in future be more often made on the basis of Finnish know-how and expertise, and the businesses could set an example for the world in high-level data protection.

"It has been estimated that investments in mass data analytics cover a third of businesses' IT expenses so it is well justified that investments at correspondingly high level are made in good data management, transparency, expertise, leadership and data protection," Minister Berner says.

A human-centred data management, My Data, was illustrated at the session as an example of information utilisation. It takes the individual's perspective in data utilisation and the right to control the use of data.