Minister Berner: Cooperation in the media sector essential

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 22.6.2016 10.07
Press release

"I am very pleased that the working group on the future of the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE reached a unanimous decision. I want to thank the chair of the group, Arto Satonen, for his valuable input in finding a compromise solution," said Ms Anne Berner, Minister of Transport and Communications.

A parliamentary working group, under the leadership of its chair Arto Satonen, MP (National Coalition Party), reviewed the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE's funding and its role as a public service provider. The working group published its proposals on 16 June.

"The working group has looked into the role of YLE in the media sector from many perspectives. It has widely consulted experts and conducted a thorough review of the media sector, particularly the situation of regional newspapers," Ms Berner says.

"The working group proposals will have an impact on YLE but also on the future of the media sector in general. I am glad that the working group drew attention to the promotion of cooperation in the sector. It is essential that the wishes for cooperation presented by the commercial media enterprises will be genuinely considered in the operations of YLE," Ms Berner says.

"The media sector is undergoing a fundamental change and it will be significantly influenced by digitalisation. What we need now is innovative approach and dialogue in order to be successful in the changing media world and the tightening international competition," she says.

The working group report is available on the Ministry of Transport and Communications website. Minister Berner will meet the members of the YLE working group on 22 June.


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