Maximum mass for lorries to be raised

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 26.1.2017 13.28
Press release

Transport costs will be reduced by raising the maximum mass for lorries. This change will improve competitiveness in the business sector in accordance with the Government Programme.

The Government issued the applicable Decree on 26 January. The Decree will enter into force on 1 March 2017.

The maximum mass of triple axle lorries will be permanently raised to 28 tonnes regardless of the year of registration.

In the current provisions, the maximum mass permitted for triple axle lorries registered after 1 November 2013 is 26 tonnes. The maximum threshold for lorries registered prior to this date will be 28 tonnes until spring 2018, when the five-year transition period ends. With this amendment, the maximum mass for a majority of these vehicles may remain at 28 tonnes even after the transition period ends. Furthermore, it would be possible to conduct modification inspections on a majority of the triple axle vehicles taken into use after October 2013 to ensure that they are 28 tonnes.

The maximum mass for some semi-trailer combinations will be raised. The maximum mass for six-axle semi-trailer combinations will be raised from the current 48 tonnes to 52 tonnes. The amendment will improve the competitiveness of semi-trailer combinations, which have a better traffic safety record than full-trailer combinations. This amendment will make combination vehicles registered in Finland more competitive, particularly with regard to traffic bound for Sweden.

In addition to this, minor revisions to provisions concerning vehicle mass and dimensions will be made, thereby allowing for the more effective use of LNG transports and timber trailers.

The amendment will harmonise and simplify maximum mass provisions and reduce the need to extend the use of old lorries beyond their normal service life. The changes will make it easier to select the most suitable rolling stock for each transport operation, as the vehicle will not incur excessive road maintenance costs or negative impacts on the environment or traffic safety.

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