Lifting of duty-free liquid restrictions deferred

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 29.4.2011 18.49
Press release

Passengers arriving from outside the EU and transferring onto a connecting flight continue to be required to carry duty-free liquids exceeding 100 millilitres in the hold of the aircraft. Liquid containers of 100 millilitres or less can be carried in hand luggage.

The EU had earlier decided that from 29 April onwards, passengers arriving from outside the Union and transferring onto a connecting flight could take duty-free liquids onto their connecting flight as hand luggage after security check. On 29 April the Commission has advised the Member States to defer the removal of duty-free liquid restrictions.

On 29 April, the Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications ordered that restrictions concerning duty-free liquids are restored at Finnish airports without undue delay. The decision is based on the advice issued by the EU.

Several Member States have not eased the ban on carrying liquids. According to the EU Commission, varying practices at European airports would cause confusion. The Commission will re-examine the situation together with the Member States and consult with the United States.

The EU's goal continues to be that all restrictions concerning the carriage of liquids in hand luggage be removed by 2013. Passengers have not been allowed to travel with most liquids since 2006. In the future, the intention is to use screening as a method for controlling liquids, rather than bans.

Passengers travelling with liquid purchases made at EU airports or on board EU air carriers continue to be allowed to transfer at European airports with these purchases in hand luggage.

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