Kiuru about digitalisation: An opportunity to be grabbed with both hands

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 4.2.2015 16.09
News item
Minister of Education and Communications Krista Kiuru (Photo: LVM)
Minister of Education and Communications Krista Kiuru (Photo: LVM)

In the opinion of Minister Krista Kiuru, digitalisation is a force that advances the economy and society, and it should be taken seriously and welcomed with open hands. Work must start forthwith and on a broad front, Minister Kiuru told on 4 February at the Communications Forum.

According to Minister of Education and Communications Krista Kiuru, society's digitalisation, whether we deal with everyday electronic services, the Internet of Things or big data, is an inevitable and necessary trend. Above all, we are dealing with effective utilisation of digital information - and, through it, new business opportunities and jobs opening up - as well as with savings created.

- Digitalisation is a revolution. Sticking with old operating models and closing the eyes to the changes in the environment is a very dangerous alternative, Minister Kiuru emphasised in her forum speech.

- Abroad, it has been understood to bring those skilled in digitalisation close to company management and political decision making. In Germany, the Internet of Things has been named as one of the government's priorities. This should be the case also in Finland. My special hope is that there would be more and more emphasis on digitalisation because digitalisation is not merely information technology, it is at the core of efficient operations.