Implementation of amendments to the Radio Equipment Directive continues: aim is to make charging easier

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 26.10.2023 13.30 | Published in English on 26.10.2023 at 13.38
Press release
Kaksi lasta istumassa harmaalla sohvalla. Vaaleahiuksinen lapsi katsoo älypuhelinta, tummatukkainen lapsi piirtää tabletilla. Taustalla ryijy.
Sisarukset kotona käyttämässä älylaitteita. (Kuva: Mika Pakarinen, Keksi/LVM)

The Government issued a proposal to Parliament for amending the Act on Electronic Communication Services. The proposal would implement at national level the amendments to the Radio Equipment Directive that aim to harmonise the charging of mobile phones and tablets, for example.

The goals are to prevent fragmentation of the market for charging interfaces and charging communication protocols, to improve consumer convenience and to reduce electrical and electronic waste.

In practice, by the end of 2024, all mobile phones, tablets and digital cameras sold in the EU area must have a USB Type-C charging receptacle. From spring 2026 onwards, the requirement will also apply to laptops. These changes mean that consumers could use the same charger for several devices.

According to the government proposal, economic operators will be required to provide end-users with the possibility to purchase radio equipment in line with the Directive without having to purchase a charging device. The aim of the requirements is to reduce electronic waste.

Economic operators should ensure that when end-users purchase radio equipment they receive the necessary information on the charging characteristics and on the charging device compatible with the equipment. In addition, some technical amendments would be made to the Act.

What’s next?

A referral debate will be held on the government proposal in a Parliament plenary session. Information on the date of the session will be listed on Parliament’s website.

After the referral debate, the proposal will be taken to a Parliamentary Committee. Once the Committee’s report is ready, the matter will be discussed in a plenary session.

In accordance with the amendment to the Directive, the proposed act is scheduled to enter into force on 28 December 2024. With regard to laptops, it would apply as of 28 April 2026.


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