Finland wins the European Road Safety Prize for outstanding progress in road safety

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 19.6.2024 13.41 | Published in English on 24.6.2024 at 13.11
Press release
Image: Markus Pentikäinen, Keksi/LVM.

Finland has won the European Transport Safety Council’s (ETSC) Road Safety Prize for 2024. The prize was awarded for the long-term and effective road safety work and the comprehensive strategy and measures to improve the safety of all road users. This is the first time Finland receives the prize.

The prize was awarded at the ETSC road safety conference in Brussels, where a European-wide annual road safety report was also published. Minister of Transport and Communications Lulu Ranne accepted the prize.

“I would like to thank and congratulate all those Finns who work every day to improve road safety. This prize is an encouragement to continue our important work to improve traffic safety. The best prize, however, is each prevented road fatality or injury,” Minister Ranne says.

In Finland, the number of road traffic fatalities has decreased by 29 per cent over the decade to 2023, while the average decrease in the EU area has been only 16 per cent. Finland has focused heavily on improving road safety since 2000 and introduced a broad set of measures for this purpose.

“Safety and improving it, both in traffic and in society as a whole, are one of the Government’s priorities. The number of road deaths in Finland has fallen considerably in recent years, but even one life lost is too many. We need to work together more effectively to improve traffic safety. Children and young men are the target groups to which particular attention must be paid,” Ranne adds.

Aim is to improve safety of all transport modes

The objective of the Finnish Government is that by 2050 there would be no road traffic fatalities or serious injuries. The National Traffic Safety Strategy covering all modes of transport supports this goal. The strategy includes 103 measures to improve traffic safety in different sectors, ranging from traffic surveillance to healthcare and education. The initiation, progress and coordination of each measure is the responsibility of the body appointed for the task. The Ministry of Transport and Communications continuously monitors the implementation and effects of the strategy’s measures.

“It is important that Finnish people of all generations are committed to a safe road culture. Laws and restrictions save lives only if they are followed. So, put the life jacket on, don’t look at the phone while driving and stop speeding. It is essential that the driver behaves well and is not under the influence. I encourage all to comply with the common rules during the summer too so that we can all enjoy a safe holiday season both on land and on water,” Ranne says.


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