Finland submits its sixth reply to the European Commission regarding Sanoma Media Finland's complaint against the Finnish Broadcasting Company

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 15.9.2023 13.00 | Published in English on 18.9.2023 at 16.24
Press release
Woman sitting on a couch using a laptop. (Image: Mika Pakarinen, Keksi/LVM)

On 12 September 2023, the state of Finland replied to the European Commission regarding the complaint against the Finnish Broadcasting Company, YLE, pursued by Sanoma Media Finland Ltd. Finland has requested a permission from the Commission to publish the reply. Due to EU legislation, correspondence with the Commission is, as a rule, confidential.

The complaint pursued by Sanoma in the spring of 2021 particularly concerns YLE’s video-on-demand services and digital learning contents. Currently, YLE offers video-on-demand services on the Yle Areena online streaming platform, which in the complainant’s view, do not comply with EU rules on state aid.

According to Finland's replies, the current operation of YLE is in line with the EU legislation on state aid. The replies state that the complaint by Sanoma is based on incorrect interpretation of EU legislation and on misleading description of the Finnish media market and media regulation.

In the replies, Finland has stated that Yle Areena and learning contents are necessary in responding to the changing consumer needs for content services and so a part of YLE’s public service duty.

Next steps

The Commission will assess whether Finland’s replies are sufficient and decide whether to request any additional information from Finland. The processing of state aid matters in the EU may take several years and include many rounds of communication.


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