EU’s aviation regulation aims to ensure fair competition

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 5.7.2017 13.25
Press release

The European Commission has issued a proposal for a regulation that would safeguard fair competition in air transport.

The proposal is part of the EU's Aviation Strategy. A key aim of the proposal is to ensure open and competitive air transport markets and to create ways for the EU to tackle unfair practices.

The Commission estimates that some non-EU airlines may gain unfair competitive advantage because they pursue discriminative practices or receive government subsidies. The proposal contains general rules for situations where a potential violation of international obligations, a discriminatory practice or an injury caused has been detected.

The Finnish Government emphasises the importance of connectivity and an open air transport policy that promotes market access.

The Government supports the proposal's objective to ensure fair competition between air carriers, but considers nevertheless that solutions should be first sought at international level in cases of unfair competition.

In further discussions about the proposal Finland will try to ensure that the impacts of the proposed measures are fair and equal to all EU airlines.

The Government submitted its communication concerning the aviation regulation to Parliament on 5 July 2017.


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