Draft budget of the Ministry of Transport and Communications EUR 3.4 billion

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 5.8.2022 13.40
Press release
Budget 2023 (Photo: Finnish Government)
Budget 2023 (Photo: Finnish Government)

The Ministry of Transport and Communications proposes that EUR 3.4 billion be allocated to its administrative branch for 2023.

It is proposed that EUR 1.9 billion be allocated to the transport and communications network, EUR 853 million to transport and communication services and EUR 666 million to administration and joint expenditure for the administrative branch.

Increased appropriation for basic transport infrastructure maintenance

A majority of the appropriations to transport and communications networks, approximately EUR 1.32 billion, would be allocated to the basic transport infrastructure management of roads, railways and waterways.

In transport infrastructure maintenance, priority would be given to the infrastructure that is vital for business and industry and for society at large. The draft budget also prioritises traffic safety and the opportunities offered by digitalisation.

All measures will take into account the objectives of the parliamentary Transport 12 plan concerning sustainability, efficiency and accessibility.

In keeping with parliamentary consensus, the level of appropriations for basic transport infrastructure management, increased during this government term, will be maintained. Accordingly, the EUR 15 million cut in basic transport infrastructure management, announced in the previous decision on spending limits, is cancelled.

Efforts will be made to curb the growth of the repair backlog and to secure the condition of the transport infrastructure, even though the rising level of costs will pose challenges.

The financing of transport infrastructure projects started in previous years will be continued. The Ministry of Transport and Communications will submit its proposals for any new transport infrastructure projects later in the budget preparations.

EUR 141 million is proposed for the development, verification and piloting of the Digirail project. The objective of Digirail is to digitalise Finland's railway systems and to replace the train control system. Digirail contributes to the digitalisation of transport, which underpins the achievement of the transport emission reduction targets.

An appropriation of EUR 23 million is proposed for private road grants.

Transport and communication services

An appropriation of EUR 101 million is proposed to be allocated for purchasing and developing public transport services. The appropriation would be used for the purchase of train transport services, the purchase and development of regional and local traffic services, the support of public passenger transport in large urban regions and medium-sized towns, the purchase of air transport services, and for climate-based measures, development projects and mobility management.

It is proposed that EUR 89 million be allocated to improving the competitiveness of vessels in maritime transport.

An allocation of EUR 18 million is proposed for the purchases and development of archipelago and ferry transport services.

Additional investments in cybersecurity

An appropriation of EUR 110.6 million is proposed for the operating expenses of the Transport and Communications Agency. An expenditure increase of EUR 1.3 million would be allocated to improving cybersecurity.

Reliable products and services are a key prerequisite for digitalisation. A high level of cybersecurity and information security and the related skills and competence maintain the competitiveness of economy and society in all sectors.

The appropriation would be used to increase the provision of citizens' advice on cybersecurity, develop society's cybersecurity preparedness and support a range of sectors. The provision of situation awareness concerning cybersecurity would also be improved.

As part of the Recovery and Resilience Plan, EUR 1.5 million would be reserved for cybersecurity research investments and EUR 1 million for cybersecurity exercises.


Mikko Nygård, Director of Finance and Administration, tel. +358 50 341 1548