Deregulation towards growth and smoother everyday life

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 1.9.2015 10.50
Press release

Minister of Transport and Communications Anne Berner is heading the Government's key project where legal provisions will be improved. The goal of this deregulation project is to facilitate enterprise operation and citizens' everyday life by regulating less and renewing necessary regulations. This project is used to support Finland's growth, strengthen competitiveness and promote digitalisation.

- If we want to be internationally competitive, we need to improve the prerequisites of enterprise operation and to give an opportunity for new kind of business. It is also important to operate on the EU level so that we can have fewer and less strict regulations. Entrepreneurial activities require expertise and enthusiasm, but also facilitating legislation, says Minister Berner.

All Ministries and administrative sectors will participate in the deregulation process. Legislative changes will mainly be implemented in 2016-2018, but some regulatory changes will be done already in the autumn of 2015.

Another goal of the deregulation project is to make permit and complaint processes smoother. This will also promote the realisation of new projects within business. Also, complaints between officials will be minimised.

The Government also wishes to improve the effectiveness of legislation. A body charged with the task of ensuring the high-quality impact assessment of legislation will be established within the Government. Regulatory projects should contain assessments especially on economic effects.

- Real-time regulation is the basis of a functioning society. The aim of the Government is now to strongly improve the conventions of legislative initiatives and the quality of regulative preparations. This benefits the whole society, enterprises and all citizens, states Minister Berner.

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