Deregulation is making headway in all branches of administration

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 30.6.2017 12.00
News item
Statute book (Photo: Rodeo)
Statute book (Photo: Rodeo)

The government's key project on deregulation has made good headway. The ministries and branches of administration have been working actively to promote the aim of dropping unnecessary regulation and streamlining legislation. Significant legislation in all branches of administration has been updated during the process.

The aim is to enable provisions, remove unnecessary regulation and alleviate administrative burden. This will support Finland's growth, strengthen competitiveness and promote digitalisation. The results of the project are published every six months, now for the fourth time.

"The work aiming to streamline legislation and drop unnecessary regulation is progressing in the min-istries in a goal-oriented manner and in keeping with Government Programme objectives", notes Ms Anne Berner, Minister of Transport and Communications.