Communication issues between Finland and Russia discussed

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 27.1.2015 14.34
News item

Officials of the Ministry of Transport and Communications have discussed open questions of communications policy with Russian colleagues. The Finnish-Russian communications and information technology working group met on 26 January 2015.

No decisions were made at the meeting of the working group, but information was exchanged on the progress of current projects.

Topics of the discussion included, among other things, progress in the coordination of radio frequencies between the countries, possible collaborative projects in information technology involving electronic management and postal services, as well as roaming charges between the countries.

The two sides agreed at the meeting that the countries would continue preparations for a coordination agreement on the frequencies. The coordination applies, among other things, to the mobile use of the 700 megahertz frequency on the Finnish side and the use of radio navigation in aviation on the Russian side.

On the subject of electronic public services the discussion touched upon matters such as collaboration on electronic documents, services, and systems.

On the matter of the everyday lives of the people, the discussion touched upon international roaming fees. The goal was to set the stage for commercial negotiations between operators with the aim of agreeing on fees in an equitable and balanced manner.

In addition, information was exchanged at the meeting on the progress of telecommunications cable projects and data centre projects of the Baltic Sea and the Northeast Passage.

Serving as chair on the Finnish side at the meeting, was Mr Harri Pursiainen, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Transport and Communications, and the chair of the Russian delegation was Mr R.R. Ismailov, Deputy Minister of Russia's Communications and Mass Media.