Comments invited on the Spectrum Decree

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 21.9.2023 9.06 | Published in English on 22.9.2023 at 12.23
Press release
Radio mast against a blue sky. (Image: Ira Niva / Shutterstock)

The Ministry of Transport and Communications requests comments on draft amendments to the Government Decree on Radio Spectrum Usage and Frequency Allocation Plan (Spectrum Decree). The deadline for submitting comments is 6 October 2023.

The Decree will be amended, because the Administrative Council of the Finnish Broadcasting Company, YLE, has decided to close down the YLE Puhe (YLE Talk) radio channel on the FM wavelength.  As a result, the national radio network reserved for YLE Puhe is to be released for the use of other radio broadcasting operators. 

Under the Spectrum Decree, there are five national, one partly national and two regional and local radio networks reserved to YLE for performing its public service duties.   A national radio network will be released from YLE Puhe. There will be no changes to other YLE radio networks.

Once the network has been released, the Transport and Communications Agency Traficom will invite applications for radio programme licences. Currently, it seems that the application round be started early 2024.

Next steps

The Decree is scheduled to enter into force on 8 January 2024.

Comments on the draft decree can be submitted until 6 October 2023. All organisations and private individuals may submit comments online at Following the consultation round, public officials will continue the decree drafting.


Roosa Patrakka, Senior Officer, roosa.patrakka(at), tel. +358 295 342 192

Sini Wirén, Director of Unit, sini.wiren(at), tel. +358 295 342 532