Changes to periodic inspections in 2018

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 28.6.2017 12.46
News item
Car inspection (Photo: Rodeo)
Car inspection (Photo: Rodeo)

The interval for periodic inspections of passenger cars, vans and special vehicles weighing at most 3.5 tonnes and in private use, as well as the interval for heavy four-wheel vehicles, will be extended. In the future, these vehicles must be inspected for the first time no later than four years from the date when they were taken into use, and every two years thereafter. However, vehicles more than ten years old should be inspected annually. The inspection interval of light four-wheel vehicles remains the same as now.

The Government issued a decree on the changes on 28 June. The decree will enter into force on 20 May 2018. However, the inspection following the entry into force of the decree must be performed according to the inspection intervals valid at present.