Budget for 2010: 2.2 billion euros to the administrative sector of the Ministry of Transport and Communications

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 15.9.2009 9.31
News item

The Government proposes that 2,195 million euros (1,848 million euros excluding VAT) be allocated to the administrative sector of the Ministry of Transport and Communications for 2010. A majority of the appropriations would be allocated to transport network management and development.

It is proposed that appropriations to transport network management and to construction projects will total 1,527 million euros (excluding VAT). The Government proposes that an appropriation of 888 million euros be allocated to basic transport infrastructure management, of which road management would receive 536 million euros, rail management 295 million and waterways 57 million euros.

A total of 428.6 million euros is proposed to be allocated to ongoing transport infrastructure projects and 66.5 million euros to transport infrastructure projects that have been or will be implemented using the private finance initiative and the life cycle model.

A total of 203.5 million euros will be used to support and purchase transport services.

The appropriation for purchasing and developing regional and local transport services by buses and taxis is suggested to be 39.8 million euros. The municipalities of the Helsinki region, Tampere, Turku and Oulu are suggested to receive an appropriation of 7.5 million euros for improving the level and use of public transport services.

It is proposed that 10.9 million euros will be directed to train commuting and 31.4 million to long-distance train transport. A total of 1.2 million euros is suggested to be allocated to the night train service between Helsinki and Kemijärvi.

Improvement of broadband connections will be accelerated. The Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority has a budget authority for providing state aid to construction of high-speed broadband networks in areas where they are not commercially viable. For 2010 the Government proposes an appropriation of 12.5 million euros to subsidies.