Arctia Shipping: Icebreaker season is open on the Bay of Bothnia.

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 26.11.2010 16.05
News item

Icebreaker Kontio will be the first icebreaker to set out from Helsinki's Katajanokka Harbour to the Bay of Bothnia to secure traffic running between Tornio and Kemi. The vessel's service pennant was raised on 26 November 2010 at 4:00pm.

Arctia Shipping's icebreaker fleet consists of five conventional icebreakers: Otso, Kontio, Sisu, Urho and Voima. The operating area of conventional icebreakers is the Baltic sea.

In an ownership steering arrangement under the Ministry of Transport and Communications, Arctia Shipping Oy is a state-owned company providing icebreaker and multipurpose vessel services as well as ferry services.

The Kontio was completed in 1987. The blue-and-white Otso and Kontio are traditionally the first icebreakers to set out from Katajanokka for the Bay of Bothnia. At the beginning and end of winter they operate as far as Tornio, moving farther south as ice conditions develop. The Urho and Sisu then move in to serve the Bay of Bothnia.