Terms of the network licence of Norkring AS amended

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 9.6.2016 15.04
Press release

The Finnish Government has amended the coverage requirement set out in the network licence of Norkring AS for multiplex B (UHF band). According to the new requirement, the network must cover 85 per cent of the population in mainland Finland, instead of 100 per cent, by 10 January 2017. The Government adopted the decision on 9 June 2016.

The terms of the network licence may be changed, because no programme operator has been interested in the national DVB-T2 broadcasting capacity. Furthermore, in the round of spring 2016, the licensing authority did not receive any applications for a programme licence in multiplex B.

The amendment in the licence terms also supports the emergence of competition in the television broadasting service market. Healthy competition has a positive effect on the price and quality of the television broadcasting services. It also helps generate new services and benefits both programme operators and consumers.

The Government also made another amendment to the network licence terms allowing Norkring to decide the distribution and packaging technology it will use in multiplex D. This way the multiplex is able to transmit broadcasts using DVBT and DVB-T2 technology. In the programme licence round the demand focused on DVB-T capacity.

The amendments to the licence terms include a condition that the Government will review the new terms, coverage area of multiplex B and distribution and packaging technology of multiplex D, by 31 December 2018. This allows preparing for any changes in the demand for broadcasting capacity.

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Anne Berner