Spectrum auction within the 800 MHz frequency band

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 7.11.2012 15.56
News item

The Finnish Government has issued a resolution on spectrum policy declaring that operating licences for the broadband 800 MHz mobile communications network are to be granted by means of a spectrum auction.

Registration for the auction is due to begin before the end of 2012, and the auction is to be held in early 2013. Those registering for the auction will have to pay a participation fee of EUR 65,000 to cover the administrative costs of the process.

A total of 2x30 MHz of frequencies are for sale, to be auctioned in 2x5 MHz frequency pairs. A starting price will be set for the frequencies, generating auction revenue of at least EUR 100 million to the State.

Objectives of the auction include extending the availability of mobile broadband especially beyond built-up areas and achieving a quick introduction of a national mobile broadband communications network. A further objective is to promote spectrum efficiency and adopt a more market-based approach in spectrum usage.