Smooth electronic identification via networks of trust

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 27.11.2014 14.55
News item
Wallet and identity card (Photo: Rodeo)
Wallet and identity card (Photo: Rodeo)

The Government wishes to create a national electronic identification solution under whose umbrella the functioning ID services offered would be up-to-date, adequately secure and easy for citizens to use.

A network of trust based on identification services is created in the Government proposal. This would function in the background of such services provided for citizens.

In practice, the network of trust operates so that the electronic service provider makes an agreement with one of the electronic service providers that belongs to the network, thereby obtaining all the customers of the identification service providers comprised within the network.

The Government proposed an amendment to the law concerning electronic identification and electronic signatures on 27 November 2014. The intention is that the law shall come into effect on 1 May 2015.

The amendment to the law does not immediately have any impact on the use of citizens' electronic identification services. The current identification tools shall also function in the future.