Request for opinions on the 700 MHz auction

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 21.6.2016 11.30
Press release

The 700 MHz spectrum has been allocated from television broadcasting to wireless broadband use as of 2017. The spectrum can be cost-effectively used for the construction of 4G networks.

In order for the commercial use of the spectrum to start as planned, the licences must be granted in 2016. They will be granted at the end of 2016 in an auction to be arranged by the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority. Previous auctions took place in 2009 and 2013.

Provisions on the details of the auction will be laid down in a government decree and a Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority regulation. The Ministry of Transport and Communications requests opinions about the Government decree on radio spectrum auctions, Government decree amending the Government decree on radio spectrum usage and on the spectrum plan, and about the application notification of the licences.

Opinions about the decrees and the licence application notification are requested to be sent as email attachments to the Registry of the Ministry of Transport and Communications ([email protected]) by 15 August 2016. The spectrum auction website is available at

The Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority will also request opinions about the draft regulation on the auction and the technical terms of the radio licences.


Ms Kaisa Laitinen, Senior Adviser, tel. +358 40 580 0295342608, [email protected]

Mr Mikael Nyberg, Director-General, tel. +358 837 8794, [email protected]