Reform of legislation on vehicle inspection to begin

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 12.7.2016 9.11
Press release

Finland is starting the preparations for reforming the legislation on vehicle inspections to implement EU's new roadworthiness package. At the same time, other national regulation on vehicle inspections will also be examined in respect of the EU Directives.

The goal of the Government Programme is to streamline legislation, including a plan to dismantle unnecessary regulation affecting citizens' daily life. No further national regulatory measures will be taken in connection with the implementation of the EU legislation.

In effect, the project especially focuses on examining vehicle inspection legislation from the perspective of citizens' daily life. A periodic inspection is performed on approximately 2.5 million cars and vans annually in Finland. These inspections cost the citizens a total of approximately EUR 160 million per year.

The EU's roadworthiness package contains new Directives on vehicle inspections, registration certificates and roadside inspections. Finland will have to review its national legislation on the duty to inspect motorcycles and fast tractors, the requirements for inspection stations and equipment as well as the items and methods of inspection.

The vehicle inspection Directive sets a minimum level for the vehicle categories, inspection intervals, inspection items and methods of periodic inspections. In Finland, the current legislation requires more frequent vehicle inspections than the vehicle inspection Directive, and the obligation to inspect also applies to light trailers with brakes, quadricycles and light quadricycles. The review on periodic inspection requirements will especially take into account the impact on traffic safety and the environment.

In addition, the project will investigate the possibility of increasing the roadside inspections of vehicles. Extending inspection activities would promote the real-time monitoring of vehicles' roadworthiness while promoting traffic safety.

Unlike many other countries, inspections of motorcycles have not been required in Finland. According to the vehicle inspection Directive, motorcycles must be inspected, or alternative ways must be used to promote the traffic safety of motorcycles. The project also examines the implementation of inspection requirements concerning fast tractors.

The goal is to submit the government proposal to the Parliament in early 2017. The implementation period of the Directive ends on 20 May 2017. The project will be prepared openly and in interaction with stakeholders.

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