Rail transport agreement between Finland and Russia enters into force on 22 December 2016

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 21.11.2016 14.36
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Photo: MINTC
Photo: MINTC

A new rail transport agreement between Finland and Russia will enter into force on 22 December 2016. Instruments of ratification concerning the agreement were exchanged in Moscow on 21 November 2016. The new agreement replaces the agreement, and its appendices, of 1997 on connecting railway transport.

The new agreement applies to direct international passenger and goods transport between Finland and Russia. Direct transport between the countries refers to passenger rail transport where no change of trains is required and to goods rail transport where the goods do not have to be loaded or unloaded for transfer at the rail stations on the border.

The new agreement clarifies the rules of railway transport services and improves their efficiency. It regulates the terms, rights and obligations in transporting passengers and goods. It also regulates liabilities, such as the liability for damages, between transport operators.