Public consultation by the European Commission on small passenger ships

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 9.10.2017 10.35
Press release

The European Commission proposes that all passenger ships below 24 meters in length be excluded from the scope of the Directive on safety goals and functional requirements for passenger ships. The Commission will also organise a questionnaire in preparation for separate safety instructions.

The proposed amendment would apply to the safety package on passenger ships released by the European Commission in June 2016. The Directive proposals of the package have been approved but not yet adopted.

The Commission's argument for the amendment is that it has proved difficult to implement the safety rules and standards Directive on small passenger ships, because no specific safety aspects or requirements have been defined for them.

The proposal to amend the safety regulations follows on the Commission's Regulatory Fitness and Performance (REFIT) Programme. The Programme aims to simplify EU law, reduce the administrative burden and the costs accrued by regulation without undermining policy objectives.

In connection with the amendment proposal, the Commission has also started to draft safety regulations for passenger ships below 24 meters in length. The period for the related public consultation will last until 31 October 2017. The questionnaire is in English but replies can also be sent in Finnish or Swedish.


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