Proposal for amending the Aviation Act for public consultation

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 23.6.2022 8.40
Press release
Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock

The Ministry of Transport and Communications requests comments on a draft proposal for amending the Aviation Act and the Act on Transport Services.

According to the draft proposal, supplementing national legislation would be enacted on the so-called U-space airspace for unmanned aviation. U-space means an airspace, where unmanned aircraft, i.e. drones, could safely operate together with other aircraft.

At the same time, national amendments are proposed to be made to the permit process concerning air navigation obstacles. The need for these amendments arose earlier in the course of drafting amendments to the Aviation Act. In addition, some minor amendments are proposed to the Aviation Act and the Act on Transport Services.

Regulation on U-space airspaces

In future, the Aviation Act would contain a provision allowing the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency to establish a U-space airspace for a maximum period of three years.

By a government decision, a U-space service provider could be appointed for joint information services on an exclusive basis in one or more U-space airspace. Alternatively, the information available could be provided using the data of existing service providers. Its provision would be the responsibility of Traficom or a service provider authorised by it. Traficom would issue regulations on which information the service providers should make available to U-space users.

The proposal is based on implementing regulations relating to U-Space laid down by the Commission, such as the Regulation on a regulatory framework for U-Space of 22 April 2021. The Regulation leaves the procedures relating to the establishment of U-space airspace and the designation of a common information service provider to the discretion of Member States.

Statement by air traffic service (ATS) provider no longer required for applications for air navigation obstacle permits

Under the Aviation Act, an air navigation obstacle is subject to authorisation from Traficom. The authorisation is proposed to be granted by Traficom upon application. A statement by the air traffic service provider concerned would no longer be required for the application.

What's next?

The deadline for comments on the draft proposal is 2 September 2022. All organisations and private individuals may submit comments at Following the consultation round, the preparations will continue at the Ministry.

The amendments are planned to take effect as of the beginning of 2023. EU regulation on U-space airspaces will be applicable on 26 January 2023.


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