Preparations for the second phase of the Transport Code started

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 23.9.2016 16.01
News item

Transport market regulations will be brought together under one act, the Transport Code. Due to its wide-ranging contents, the Transport Code project will be carried out in three phases. The first phase legislative proposals, which are mainly related to road transport regulation, were submitted to Parliament on 22 September.

The Ministry of Transport and Communications has started preparations for the second phase of the reform, in which provisions on air, sea and rail transport markets as well as on transportation services will be included in the Code. The new provisions are to be consistent and in line with the road transport provisions included in the Code in its first phase. Regulation on professional qualifications in the transport sector is also among the subjects to be covered in the reform.

In the second phase, the conditions for the digitalisation of transport services and for the utilisation of information will be further improved.

The Transport Code preparation process and drafting is based on transparency and takes place in close interaction with stakeholders.

The Transport Code is part of the Government key projects on deregulation and on building a digital growth environment.