Partial win for Finland regarding greenhouse gas emissions in shipping

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 3.10.2012 9.53
Press release

On 1 October 2012, the European Commission announced that early next year it will put forward a proposal on a system for mandatory monitoring and reporting of fuel consumption in shipping. With fuel monitoring, the EU called a time-out in creating a regional emissions regime.

The Commission wants to use the monitoring system to gather factual information on fuel consumption and increase its influence in the International Maritime Organization (IMO) discussions on limiting greenhouse gas emissions.

Originally, the Commission was to propose legislation on an EU-level regional greenhouse gas emissions regime for maritime transport during 2012. Due to on-going work at IMO level and doubts expressed regarding the regime, the Commission decided to propose the monitoring of fuel consumption before making more comprehensive decisions.

Finland active in discussing regional balance

Since 2010, representatives of the Ministry of Transport and Communications have participated in Commission consultations on greenhouse gas emissions in maritime transport and stated that global measures are the primary way of influencing global operations. Moreover, they have emphasised in the consultations that the impacts on different regions within the EU must be carefully examined when considering a regional emissions regime. The Ministry representatives have also met representatives of the European Commission several times in order to influence developments in the matter.

The Ministry has also provided the Commission with information on maritime transport in winter: for example, on navigating in ice and on how the ice-strengthening of ships impacts their fuel consumption. The aim has specifically been to influence the contents of the Commission's emissions regime impact assessment so that the assessment would also take into account regional differences, such as geography and climate.

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