Parliamentary groups agree on changes to Finnish Broadcasting Company's finance model

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 16.12.2011 10.30
News item

16 December - Chairs of parliamentary groups and Minister of Housing and Communications Ms Krista Kiuru reached an agreement on the funding of public service operations of YLE, the Finnish Broadcasting Company, and on the company's guidance and supervision.

From 2013 onwards, YLE's public service broadcasting is to be funded from the Budget. A new 'YLE tax', a public service broadcasting tax linked to a person's earned income and capital income, will be introduced to this effect.

The tax is less than 0.7 per cent of a person's income. In euros, this means a minimum of EUR 50 and a maximum of EUR 140 per year, depending on the level of income. Minors and those remaining under a certain income level will not be subject to the tax.

- It is a remarkable result that all political parliamentary groups gave their support to the reform. This highlights that the Finnish Broadcasting Company operates under the supervision of Parliament. Efforts have been made to reach an agreement during two terms of government, and working out a solution was not an easy process. I would like to thank the Chairs of parliamentary groups for their excellent cooperation in the intense negotiations that have been going on during the entire autumn, Ms Kiuru says.

- For citizens, the reform ensures that YLE's broadcasting continues in its present form, providing us all with a diverse range of programmes and regional content, Ms Kiuru says.