Parliament reaches consensus on YLE reform

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 13.6.2012 13.29
Press release

Minister of Housing and Communications Krista Kiuru is very pleased that a final consensus has been reached on the matter of funding for the Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE). On 13 June 2012, the Parliament's Transport and Communications Committee and Finance Committee submitted their reports on the YLE reform.

Handling of the proposal in the committees progressed according to the parliamentary compromise that parliamentary group chairpersons had agreed to in December.

"Parliament has shown that it was able to finalise the YLE reform, which has been on ice for some time, in the manner that had been agreed upon and that the parliamentary consensus carries weight. I am very grateful and pleased that Parliament has carried the YLE reform over the finish line assertively," Minister Kiuru said.

As expected, the committees propose an improvement to the YLE tax for organisations and companies.

"In April, during the parliamentary debate concerning the YLE tax, I said that if there is a flaw or point that could be improved upon in the proposal it would be related to improving social justice afforded to entrepreneurs. Parliament was able to fine tune its compromise in this direction, so that the expected backing was found for a more fair way to collect the YLE tax from entrepreneurs."

The Finance Committee now proposes that the YLE tax for companies and organisations be based on taxed income. If their taxed income is over 50,000 euros the tax will be 140 euros. A tax of 0.35% will be collected for the portion that surpasses this amount with the addition that the annual tax shall be no more than 3,000 euros.

"I am very happy that this versatile, open and productive discussion has now led to a consensus that has the unanimous support of Parliament," Minister Kiuru commented on the committee report.

Parliament has decided that in 2013 the Finnish Broadcasting Company shall receive MEUR 500 in funding. After this the level of funding shall be adjusted to meet an annual rise in the cost level. The supervisory role of the YLE Administrative Council shall be enforced. The task of the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority is to monitor the use of funding provided for this public service.

As of the beginning of 2013, all Finnish Broadcasting Company public service expenses shall be covered by a new YLE tax.

Individual taxpayers shall each pay an YLE tax of 0.68 percent of their combined earned income and capital income. This tax will be noted during advance payment of taxes, just as income tax is, and shall not apply to persons under the age of 18. The minimum tax for a private individual shall be 50 euros and the maximum 140 euros. If an individual's tax is under the minimum amount, i.e. 50 euros, no tax shall be collected.

According to the legislative proposal, collection of the present TV fee will cease at the beginning of 2013.

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