New network operator in the antenna television market

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 12.11.2015 13.24
Press release

On 12 November 2015 the Finnish Government granted new network operating licences for antenna television for the licence period beginning in 2017. Among the licensees is a new operator in the market, Norkring As from Norway.

Network licences for antenna television were granted to:

Anvia Plc for a regional multiplex in Ostrobothnia;
DNA Welho Oy for multiplexes VHF A, VHF B ja VHF C;
Digita Oy for UHF multiplexes A and F; and
Norkring As for UHF multiplex B, C and D.

The operating licences will remain in force for ten years from 10 January 2017.

The decisions are based on the aim to promote competition in the television broadcast service market. A further aim is to promote the provision of high-quality and diverse contents throughout the country and to increase the supply of high-definition broadcasts in the antenna television network.

Anvia, DNA and Digita are established operators in the Finnish market, while Norkring As is the biggest provider of terrestrial digital broadcast services in Norway.

Norkring will build its network so that its market entry will not cause any changes to consumer antenna systems.

In the licence period beginning in 2017 the use of DVB-T2 technology, which enables high-definition broadcasting, will gradually increase in the UHF band of the antenna network. In the VHF band the technology is already in use in all multiplexes.

However, basic (DVB-T) television broadcasts must be transmitted in one UHF multiplex that covers the entire population up until 2016, unless the Government's interim review includes well-grounded reasons for faster switchover before that. The multiplex (UHF A) reserved for basic level broadcasts is primarily in the use of the Finnish Broadcasting Company and commercial public interest channels. From 2017 onwards there will be three technology-neutral multiplexes (UHF C, UHF E and Ostrobothnia multiplex), in which the operator itself will choose the technology to be used.

The decision is based on the Communications Policy Programme for Electronic Media, and on the guidelines of the working group examining the next technology transfer in terrestrial television broadcasting.


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