More speed for broadband universal service

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 17.3.2015 13.17
News item
Broadband (Photo: Rodeo)
Broadband (Photo: Rodeo)

The Ministry of Transport and Communications proposes to have the universal service broadband speed doubled to 2Mb/s from the start of November in 2015. A long-term goal is to increase this speed to 10 Mb/s by 2021. A mid-term evaluation would be performed in 2017.

Minister of Education and Communications Krista Kiuru requested in October 2014 the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority to map the market situation of the universal service and the speeds available for citizens. The goal was to find out whether the current 1Mb/s universal service speed meets the citizens' needs.

"A reasonably priced and adequately fast network connection is a basic right for every Finn, and based on the report, it can be said that there is a clear need for the ambitious increase in universal service speed", says Minister Kiuru.

While increasing the speed of universal service, attention would also be paid on its quality. An even quality of speed would be ensured by defining a minimum speed with monitoring periods of one day and four hours.