Ministry of Transport and Communications’ Futures Review: Digitality creates wellbeing and growth

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Publication date 3.10.2014 9.42
News item

Digitality permeates all corners of society, and the ability to utilise digital information has become a primary force driving growth and competitive advantage and a foundation for future wellbeing. The digital revolution is having a powerful impact on the daily lives of everybody. Digitisation will have, and is having, a major impact on transport too.

These are among the conclusions in the Futures Review on Transport and Communications that was published in October. The main themes of the review include digital information, transport and communications as a service, and infrastructure as a platform for growth.

The Futures Review is based on background material that was published in June 2014. The material was prepared on the basis of discussions held with stakeholders. The draft of the material was openly available on a Wiki platform for comment by stakeholders and any other interested parties for a period of three weeks in May 2014. This 'crowdsourcing' approach proved popular: about 450 comments and suggestions of different kinds were received.

The Futures Review on Transport and Communications in Finland was commissioned by the Prime Minister's Office and has been prepared by civil servants at the Ministry of Transport and Communications. Futures reviews are drafted for political parties to be used in the next government formation talks.